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Flood Warning - Muskoka and Parry Sound

04/17/14 - Flood Information and Warnings -Muskoka Freshet Update Muskoka Freshet Update

04/16/14 - Flood Information and Warnings -Muskoka Flood Warning - April 16, 2014.pdf Township Flood Warning, Muskoka Freshet Update MNR Muskoka Freshet Update, MNR Flood Warning - April 16, 2014.pdf MNR Flood Warning

04/15/14 - MNR Freshet Water Conditions -Muskoka Water Conditions April 15 Conditions

04/14/14 - Latest Flood Warning from the Township of Muskoka Lakes / Free Sand Bags available -Muskoka Flood Warning - April 14 Muskoka Flood Warning - April 14

04/14/14 - The MNR has just released a document entitled "Muskoka Parry Sound Freshet Water Conditions Update April 14th 2014 at 12:00 pm", a copy of which can be viewed here -Muskoka Water Conditions April 14 Conditions

04/13/14 - The MNR has just released a document entitled "Muskoka Parry Sound Freshet Water Conditions Update April 13th 2014 at 12:00 pm", a copy of which can be viewed here -Muskoka Water Conditions April 13 Conditions

04/12/14 - The Ministry of Natural Resources has just published a flood warning (flooding is imminent) for Muskoka and Parry Sound.  The full text of that warning can be found that the following link -Muskoka Flood Warning Muskoka Flood Warning

2014 Township Budget Meetings

The Township of Muskoka Lakes has passed the 2014 operating and capital budgets for this the Council meeting on Valentine's Day. It calls for a 2.75% increase in the tax levy or about and extra $1.83 increase in tax for every $100,000 of 2013 assessed value.

The budget that was presented at Council for approval may be found at the following link -2014 Budget - Final Version 2014 Budget - Final Version

There is a more extensive article about the budget and how we got here at the following page on our site - Special Budget Report

Draft Zoning By-Law

The Township has been in the process of updating the Comprehensive Zoning By-Law (previously known as 87-87).  This is a by-law that governs the general use of all types of properties in the Township, be they water front, commercial, rooming houses, etc.  The draft by-law can be found on the Township web site by following the link to the TML - Draft Zoning By-Law. Written comments on the proposed new Comprehensive Zoning By-law will be accepted until January 6, 2014.

For some further information on the by-law, please refer to an item in the December Township Watch which MRA members receive via email, and is also available at - Township Watch - December 2013

"Ice Away" (Bubbler) Systems - Updated

The growing use of bubblers on the Muskoka Lakes can cause damage to our lakes and present a safety risk, particularly if they are used excessively.

At the recent Committee of the Whole, Jim Boyd (a director of the Muskoka Ratepayers' Association) made a presentation on behalf of the association concerning their history, the effects of their use, and suggestions that Council might adopt to ensure proper usage. At the December meeting of the Planning Committee of the Whole, a draft by-law that addressed bubblers and unrelated issues was presented for discussion.

Our presentation can be found by following this link - Presentation to the Committee of the Whole re Bubbler Systems.   The draft by-law and our response to it may be found at the by-law and the MRA's response.

Fluoridation to Continue in TML

Last fall, District Council voted to eliminate fluoride from the municipal water supplies.  In November, they modified their decision to allow each of the six towns and townships that constitute the District of Muskoka to decide the question for their own area of responsibility.  In the Township of Muskoka Lakes, this is largely related to the towns of Bala and Port Carling. 

The Ratepayers and others delegated Council on this issue, and our Council voted to retain fluoridation in the Township. The District has agreed to honour this decision.

Our New Web Site

We are pleased to finally introduce our new web site. It has been designed to provide much easier ways to navigate around the site, and ultimately to search for material in which you may be interested. It is also easier for us to update, so that we can get you information much more quickly.

As the site is more fully implemented, you will be able to join or renew your membership, and also sign up for newsletters of particular interest to you.  You will also be able to update your personal information online should you wish to do so (of course, you can always contact us in whatever form you chose - email, phone, mail, etc.).

We will also have an events calendar to indicate Ratepayer happenings, meetings of the Township or District, or general interest activities.

Please bear with us as the site is rolled out, but more importantly, please let us know of any errors that you spot, or suggestions that you have to make the site more useful to you.  You can send your suggestions and comments regarding the site to


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